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Must Marry Someone Like You (Phải lấy người như anh)

2012年04月10日 Nhà văn Trần Thu Trang ⁄ 共 847字 ⁄ Cỡ chữ Nhỏ Vừa To Chưa có Bình luận

Product Details
Author: Tran Thu Trang
Subject: General Fiction
Edition Description: Mass Market
Publication Date: March, 2006
Binding: Paperback
Language: Vietnamese
Pages: 340
Dimensions: 13 x 20.5 cm
The love story opens with a traffic jam in the middle of Hanoi, followed by a starry and dreamy night in the Northwest town of Sapa, then ending in the peaceful central town of Hoi An. Thai Van, the main character, left the countryside to study and earn a living in Hanoi. After encountering misfortune early in her life, Thai Van has a bitter attitude towards everything around her. Living with a married man as old as her father, a wealthy businessman with obscure business affairs, she
suffers mentally and has to immerse herself in hobbies such as collecting classic Vespa scooters or participating in online forums. Through these venues, she encounters a kind man and falls into his
arms, battling against the age gap between the two, threats from her lover and even the disapproval
of his family…

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