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Biography of Ho Anh Thai
Ho Anh Thai is one of the best known contemporary writers
in Vietnam, is regarded as a literary phenomenon of the post-war

Ho Anh Thai was born in 1960 in Hanoi. He graduated
from Hanoi Institute of Diplomacy in 1983. After graduation, he
worked as a diplomat and journalist abroad, especially in India.
Fluent in several foreign languages, he earned a Ph.D. in Oriental
Studies and he is also a lecturer and an Indologist. At present he
is working in the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is the
elected president of Hanoi Writers’ Association.
Literary career
Ho Anh Thai first became known as a literary teenage prodigy with the publication of his first stories, and as he matured, became a voice for his generation, with his fresh, youthful style of writing, and works that centered on the lives and adventures of young people and students,
highlighting their desire to discover the world. His emblematic works of this period are the novels Men and Vehicle Run in the Moonlight (1986), The Women on the Island (1986), Behind the Red Mist (1989) and the short story collections The Goat Meat Special (1988), Fragment of a Man (1991) etc. Early in the 1990s, after he had studied and worked abroad for some time, including six years in India, Ho Anh Thai published a series of unique, humorous and profound stories about that country: The Man Who Stood on One Leg, The Indian, A Sigh through the Laburnums, The Barter etc.
From the 2000s his published books became more experimental, playful in language and marked by a wry and sardonic tone that was both much appreciated by his growing readership and also considered controversial: the novels The Apocalypse Hotel (2002), The Hanoian Nights (2006) and short stories collections The Narration of 265 Days (2001), Four Paths to the Fun House (2004) etc.
Ho Anh Thai came back to the theme of India with the novel The Buddha, Savitri and I, published in 2007. This is the first Vietnamese novel which contemporizes the Buddha through an interesting
plot and simple style set in a multi-layered structure which effectively broadens his use of time and space. Ho Anh Thai’s books have always been best-sellers; part of the phenomenon of his work is that he has a large readership in spite of the way he has eschewed formulaic writing and strives for freshness and originality in form and language.
His fiction has been published abroad, translated into over ten languages, including English,
French, Swedish etc.

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