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2012年04月11日 Nhà văn Vũ Đình Giang ⁄ 共 743字 ⁄ Cỡ chữ Nhỏ Vừa To Chưa có Bình luận

Product Details
Author: Vu Dinh Giang
Subject: General Fiction
Edition Description: Mass Market
Publication Date: Mar, 2009
Binding: Paperback
Language: Vietnamese
Pages: 452
Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm

Violence and homosexuality are two main stuffs to make the story becoming lots of sorrows, and completely crazy from a group of people whom have psychological variation: H, G.g and Kan. The place where the odd love begin, mistake after mistake, the violence impulse violence… The story also enclose the major question about the meaning of cleansing or letting down the past.
Based on depth psychology, Parallel exploits the world of unconsciousness, instincts, the dark sides of human. Under the perceiving look of post-modern thinking, the novel describes the characters with the violence in the childhood, unsatified with loving  interminable loneliness.

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