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2012年04月11日 Nhà văn Phan Hồn Nhiên ⁄ 共 1757字 ⁄ Cỡ chữ Nhỏ Vừa To Chưa có Bình luận

Product Details
Author: Phan Hon Nhien
Subject: General Fiction
Edition Description: Mass Market
Publication Date: May, 2008
Binding: Paperback
Language: Vietnamese
Pages: 364
Dimensions: 13.5 x 20.5 cm

Life in great urban centre like a sprial. The formidable moving of life had made up the portraits of mordern society: brutal and mercenary people. People with beautiful souls, who trying to prove the value of honesty. And people with weak and fragile souls...
It’s Thai Vinh, whom has a rich family, more pity than angry, has a dissolute life. Born in a family in which 100 millions Vietnam dong is such a easy thing, a tender age girl is brand savvy, indulge in dissipation but having a cold sould due to her lacking of the loving and warmth from family.
It’s Vinh, with a serious and dignified, happiness appearance, but has a decayed inside of disorientation youth. It’s Huu, who had a poverty backgrounds, and ascending by using a lot of tricks to ruin his competitors, as long as he has advantages.
The novel mentioned a lot of issues in Vietnamese modern society nowadays, bring out a hidden issues, the dark side of vibrant life in big city: conflicts with each other, fighting for social position. But the most important and interesting thing is the value of happiness and the meaning of the youth. They are two things that although you have a lot of money but never getting.
Beginning and the ending scene of The Eye of Hurricane is the airport, where receiving the arrival and the leaving, where the plane take off to go to every countries in the world, where the Vietnamese young people with the ambition of aspiring to become better, to occupy knowledge and life with their own way. Although the whole story in The Eye of Hurricane weighed down with grief because the life’s hurriance forced on the young people, there’s still a small light spot is Hai, a young, self-confident, consistent man, who becoming great with his own ability and the ardent heart.
The novel is the bestselling book in Vietnam. The works has adapted to television drama named At the end of the rainbow.

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