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THE BUDDHA, SAVITRI AND I (Đức Phật, nàng Savitri và tôi)

2012年04月10日 Nhà văn Hồ Anh Thái ⁄ 共 2327字 ⁄ Cỡ chữ Nhỏ Vừa To Chưa có Bình luận

Product Details
Author: Ho Anh Thai
Subject: General Fiction
Edition Description: Mass Market
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Paperback
Language: Vietnamese
Pages: 430
Dimensions: 14.5 x 20.5 cm
On the Nepalese-Indian border, the author meets Savitri, a young woman tourist guide. As she
takes him to the Buddhist sites in Nepal and India, he discovers that Savitri is a skilled story-teller; through
her tales the entire life of the Buddha is retold, from his time as Prince Siddhattha to his transformation
to the Enlightened One who founded an order that spread throughout the sub-continent.
Savitri’s stories, he finds, are not the usual fare recounted by guides to historical places; instead they
mysteriously transport her listeners. As they travel, Savitri’s own life is gradually revealed to the narrator;
when she was a little girl, she had been discovered as a Virgin Goddess and enthroned in the Virgin
Goddess palace in Nepal. According to tradition, as soon as she had her first period, she was removed
from the palace and replaced by another girl. It was then that Savitri transformed herself into a guidecum-
storyteller possessed of a mysterious ability to lead her clients through mist and the darkness.
Her stories all center on a Princess in ancient times, also named Savitri. From her childhood,
Princess Savitri had been entranced by the neighboring Prince Siddhattha and pursued him--hoping
in vain to make him fall in love with her--for over sixty years, until the master’s demise. Savitri herself
was desired by a Brahmin royal priest who tried to destroy her by creating false rumors about her
and then hounded her for many years, after she revealed him as a charlatan. Even as she fled him,
and formed relationships with various men – businessmen, priests, robbers, courtiers and kings – in
her heart, she could only love Siddhattha, once even disguising herself as a monk in order to infiltrate
a monastery where she could be close to the master. All the stories about the Savitri who lived in
antiquity reveal a connection to the modern Savitri, the incarnation of her sensual ancestress.
THE BUDDHA, SAVITRI AND I offers a unique view of the little known details and humanity
of one of the world’s greatest spiritual figures, and vividly weaves together the formative years of
Buddhism, ancient and modern India, and the entwined lives and loves and beliefs of men and
women who lived over 2500 years ago and today.
This is the first Vietnamese novel which contemporizes the Buddha through an interesting
plot and simple style set in a multi-layered structure which effectively broadens the author’s use of
time and space.
First published by Da Nang Publishing House, Vietnam, in 2007, the novel was a best-seller in
Viet Nam, with over 25,000 copies sold.

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