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The Wind Erases the Path Home

2012年04月10日 Nhà văn Hồ Anh Thái ⁄ 共 1400字 ⁄ Cỡ chữ Nhỏ Vừa To Chưa có Bình luận

Product Details
Author: Ho Anh Thai
Subject: General Fiction
Edition Description: Mass Market
Publication Date:
Binding: Paperback
Language: Vietnamese
Pages: 350
Imagine that one day you find all the celebrities assumed to have died, been assassinated, or simply disappeared: men and women such as John F. Kennedy, Greta Garbo, and the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, are really still alive, held in a secret prison, disguised as a seafood factory on a country called Green Island in the Indian Ocean.
Such is the setting of Ho Anh Thai’s fantastic new novel. The story begins when a Vietnamese professor comes to teach at the University of Green Island, and gradually befriends an eccentric Indian priest, the president’s son, and the Chinese director of the seafood factory. As the action unfolds, we become involved also with a large and strange cast of other characters, including a Sri Lankan girl looking for the lost leader of a rebel group and an American restaurateur, searching for his idol JFK. In the end, a coup d’etat led by the president’s son, ousts the president and he and all the inmates are packed onto a plane headed to JFK airport in New York, where their arrival will shock the world. But they never land, not at JFK, and not at any other airport in the world.
And Green Island itself disappears as if it never existed.
Love and hate, honesty and lies, friendship and greed, are all intertwined in this complex allegory. Just like all of the people on the island, their identities difficult to trace, the novel speaks to the traces of themselves that human beings have left behind and lost, so that they can never again go back to themselves.

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